Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why do dogs throw up?

About two weeks ago, our dog Lucky was throwing up too much. Usually, if he throws up during an upset stomach, he only throws up once. This time, he couldn't stop throwing up, which we began to worry. We began to search on the web about what could have been the cause of his nonstop throw up. Through out the search, we encountered a lot advices and experiences from other dog owners, and majority of them were based on dog's habit of eating grass. I didn't realize that dogs like eating grass because of the smell. To some dogs, eating grass could be harmless or could cause an upset stomach. Either way, dogs get an upset stomach for many reasons, but pint pointing one reason could be difficult.

After reading different sources online, we knew the best thing was to take him to the vet. Since it was a Sunday morning that Lucky wasn't feeling too well, we figured to wait until Monday morning to see if he felt any better. We kept thinking about what type of food he could have eaten the day before at my fiance's parents house. Finally, we found out that Lucky ate some
ribs the day before, which he isn't use to eating. The next day he seemed better, running around the house like usual.

Dogs need a lot of attention, especially making sure that they are eating right. Every dog has different eating habits, but each dog owner should be aware of what is good food and bad food for their dogs. The experience we went through with Lucky was sort of scary, not knowing what was wrong with him. Later on, after knowing the cause for his upset stomach, we just need to make sure we and everyone around him are aware of what he or our other dog cannot eat.


don't haight. said...

why do PEOPLE throw up...?

NattieAnn said...

My dog used to eat grass a lot too. I heard it's a way to sooth an upset stomach, but he ended up throwing it all up anyway. usually after he'd come in for the night. But you are right, if you watch them and what they eat, they will be fine.

Zoe said...

My cat throws up these nasty is so gross. It also seems like he gets belly aches after eating the leaves off the plants in our house.